Buying A Property? 6 Tips To Keep In Mind

Sooner or later the moment in our lives comes when we want to acquire a property, either as an investment, because we want to stop paying rent, or simply because we are looking for a change, but what can we do to make this journey as less complex as possible? The key is to know the details of the process, so here we share some useful recommendations for buying a home.

1. Prioritize needs and know the area of ​​interest

In addition to evaluating the size, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, the finishes and the common areas available, it is important to investigate the area well to know if it has the shops and services necessary for us, such as schools, supermarkets, clinics, transportation, shopping centers, among others.

2. Check real estate portals 

Certainly, the Internet is a great ally when finding a home, therefore, you have to consult several real estate portals to see the offers that are in our areas of interest. It is also pertinent to go out to see notices, visit facilities and request the support of well-established real estate agents and, if possible, unionized. We can even take advantage of the virtual tours that some companies have of their departments, to save time and consider various options.

3. Compare prices and know the total costs 

If we want to pay just enough, it is best to inquire into prices to be able to make a comparative analysis and thus have a better idea of ​​what is offered in the market. Likewise, we have to ask the advisor to total the costs of the purchase, which may include operational expenses, taxes, and fees, so as not to exceed us.

4. Define where the money for the purchase will come from

This must be done simultaneously with the tracking of purchase opportunities, since, knowing exactly how much money we are going to need, it is easier to evaluate the payment alternatives. If we are going to opt for a mortgage loan, let’s go ahead and run simulations in several banks, in this way we will see which ones have the lowest interest rates and we can verify the requirements they request.

5. Know the real situation of the property 

When buying a home let us verify its characteristics to detect, for example, that there are no faults in the finishes of floors, doors, windows, and toilets. Similarly, we must verify, among other details, that the measures correspond to what is offered in the advertising, that the water and electricity services work correctly and that the building has all the required construction permits.

6. Choose well and secure the purchase

After having completed the previous steps, and, finally, leaning towards the most convenient property, according to our needs and economic possibilities, what follows? Make the choice with a promise of sale, for which it will be necessary to request an appraisal of the property, have a mortgage loan pre-approved or approved, and pay the reservation and/or the footing of the house. Acquiring real estate may not be an easy task, but if we follow these recommendations to the letter, our effort will be worth it, and in less than we imagine we will be happy owners.